SALT Programme

SALT Institute is committed to transforming Nations by Changing Leadership Styles

The Sundoulos African Leadership Training (SALT) Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental, international organization based in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Kenya since 1997. The Kenya chapter SALT Institute-Kenya was revamped in 2008 where 73 graduands were released to transform the Nation in a colourful ceremony after attending the 22 week interactive once a week evening course. Sundoulous (Greek) means fellow servants of the same Lord as used in Matthew 18:28. It is a program designed to train, raise, encourage and improve servant leaders for our nation at all levels of public life.

SALT graduates and facilitators during a graduation ceremony

We seek to raise and train potential servant leaders and statesmen in the art of good governance and management and also equip them to function effectively on the international arena.

Kenya Office

High View Phase 1- House no. 87 (Opposite Kemri Offices Mbagathi)

P.O.Box 8 KNH, 00202,


Continental Director, SALT Foundation
Barrister Emeka Nwankpa
P O Box, Lagos, Nigeria

Our Objectives

The objectives of the SALT Institute is to train, build up and encourage servant leaders who can:

  • Understand what will free their nations from spiritual, economic, social, political and natural calamities;
  • Interpret national crises correctly, work out solutions and implement recommendations accurately;
  • Mobilize human resources and build coalitions from available human resource that will provide the best governance.
  • Handle the intrigues of governance and leadership without losing personal integrity.
  • Lay new foundations in leadership for African nations based on godly principles.
  • Be channels through which righteousness and justice can flow in order to impact peoples and polities.

What We Believe

  • The leadership of a country has the primary responsibility of determining the direction that country will go.
  • Leaders are ministers of God and should be vessels to dispense His righteousness and justice to His people.
  • Leadership involves taking a nation by the hand and guiding her in the most suitable direction with regard to the various aspects of national endeavors like agriculture, education, science, health, housing etc.
  • The leader must have compassion for the nation in order not to plunder and loot it for personal gain.
  • That our post-independence foundations are rooted in legacies of tribalism, nepotism, corruption, indolence and oppression. Thereby new foundations must be laid and leaders must be re-trained.
  • That the Church must rise from dualism and separation between the sacred and the secular. Faith must be translated in the market place.

Our Programmes

The SALT Institute – Kenya, runs two 22 week training programmes. This is an evening course that is done once a week. Presently our class is running in Nairobi , Eldoret and Kisumu.

The present class is running on every Tuesday from 3rd July2018 to 23rd November 2018.The venue is Luther Plaza( Opposite St Andrews PCEA church) from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

We also offer special packages for public and private institutions on request.

101Why God made you a leader
102Introduction to servant leadership
103Leaders and character
104aThe nature and impact of thrones – I
104bThe nature and impact of thrones – II
105Understanding and dealing with foundations
106Preparation for leadership
107Anointing for leadership
108Leaders and prayer
201The challenge of leadership in Africa
202Foundations of the Kenyan nation
203God’s benchmark for leadership
204Leadership and vision
205Leadership and transformation
206Leadership and public service
207Dealing with societal prejudices
208Leadership and succession (inc. youth)
209Promoting investment for development
Wrap up
Seminars – MobilizationJune, August, November
SALT main class – Tuesdays3rd July – 20th November, 2018
Graduation23rd November, 2018

Applicants should submit their application forms by 30th June, 2018. The course will run for 22 weeks and is open to all leaders especially those in leadership position.

Course Fee

The course fee, payable in two installments, covering tuition, certificate and teaching materials is Kshs19,500.

Completed Application Forms should be submitted to the Registrar

Mobile: 0722 621718 / 0738 119524



Kenya Office

c/o Kenya House of Prayer
High View Estate,Phase1 opposite KEMRI Mbagathi Main Gate
House No. 87
P.O. Box 8, KNH 00202
Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile: 0722 621718 / 0738 119524

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