The Kenya House of Prayer is affiliated to Intercessors for Africa (IFA) which has its secretariat in Kenya. Intercessors for Africa was founded in 1985 as a network of participating national prayer and intercessory networks of countries primarily within the African continent, as well as Africans in the Diaspora.

Objectives of IFA

  • To discern what God is saying to the continent as a whole
  • To form a network of praying Christians
  • To train leaders who will manifest servant – leadership
  • To encourage peoples to pray for their nations and national leaders.

Activities of IFA

  • Annual Intercessors African Conference

Held at a chosen African nation annually. This is a conference where the continental leaders and intercessors gather to seek the mind of God for Africa in this generation.

  • Africa Schools of Prayer

These are co-ordinated in the various nations by national houses of prayer, under national leadership, under the guidance of the IFA continental leaders. e.g. The Kenya House of Prayer in Kenya.

  • Sundoulos African Leaders Training (SALT) programme

The SALT programme seeks to identify, train and equip national leaders at all levels of public and private life in the nations of Africa. This prepares and encourages them to harness and apply God’s wisdom in every level of public life and be committed fully to the transformation of the market place by the principles of the Kingdom of God.

  • Africa Business Forum

The Africa Business Forum is aimed at satisfying and providing both an interactive and training forum for business persons within the African continent.

The African Business forum aims at encouraging and helping the understanding of Christians and God-fearing business people on how to go forward and take over the resources of the African continent. This is to ensure that the coming soul harvest enjoys the traditional provision that Africa was always supplied from God’s move in the past.